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Liechtenstein , Sunday 22 April 2018

News Liechtenstein » Schellenberg: A look at Vaduz Castle

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Publication date: Sunday 28 May 2017

Vaduz Castle towers ... it was the founding of Liechtenstein that had a negative effect on the castle. The Principality of Liechtenstein was created in 1718 by Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI by uniting the lands of Vaduz and Schellenberg.

News Liechtenstein » Schellenberg: Prince Hans-Adam gives annual year end interview to 1 FL TV

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Publication date: Sunday 31 December 2017

However, Liechtenstein Castle in Lower Austria where they ruled was always ruled by more senior princes, so they could not sit in the Reichstag – the government. It was only after Prince Hans Adam I purchased Vaduz and the county of Schellenberg they had ...

News Liechtenstein » Schellenberg: Firsts and Superlatives

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Publication date: onday 25 June 2012

On January 23, 1719, Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI decreed that Vaduz and Schellenberg were united into a single territory. He raised the territory to the status of principality and named it in honor of his "true servant, Anton Florian of Liechtenstein."

News Liechtenstein » Schellenberg: Saudi-Swiss ties get a new traction

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Publication date: hursday 10 November 2016

In an interview with Arab News on Wednesday, Swiss Ambassador Heinrich Schellenberg said ... together with our EFTA partners Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, to have such an agreement with the GCC. So, this is a great opportunity to develop business ...