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Liechtenstein , Sunday 22 April 2018

News Liechtenstein » Religion: Pew: Islam Is Most Official, But Christianity Is Most Favored Worldwide

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Publication date: uesday 03 October 2017

or other kinds of practical benefits”—for one religion over another. Most of the countries that unofficially favor Christianity are in Europe and the Americas, such as Catholicism in Liechtenstein, Lutheranism in Denmark, and Anglicanism in the United ...

News Liechtenstein » Religion: Scottish visit Liechtenstein, eyeing EU trade post-Brexit

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Publication date: onday 21 November 2016

GENEVA – With Britain's exit from the European Union looming, Scottish officials are visiting Liechtenstein to explore the tiny Alpine country's arrangements that give it access to the massive EU market. Liechtenstein Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick says ...


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Publication date: Sunday 31 December 2000

Liechtenstein also sells huge amounts of postage stamps ... The strength of tradition also applies to Catholicism, which is the state religion. Pope Pius XII was the godfather of the hereditary Prince, Hans Adam, Franz Josef's son. The country is 85 ...

News Liechtenstein » Religion: Prestigious Liechtenstein collection now on show

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Publication date: onday 14 December 2015

At about a quarter the size of Seoul, Liechtenstein, the world's sixth-smallest country ... Europe were seeking to expand governmental authority in the midst of various religious and political conflicts. Rapid development of commerce and trade led to ...

News Liechtenstein » Religion: Tiny Liechtenstein plans push into Islamic finance

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Publication date: Wednesday 08 October 2014

Islamic finance follows religious principles which shun activities such as gambling and outright monetary speculation. Liechtenstein, known a decade ago for its banking secrecy laws which permitted some of the world's wealthy to avoid taxes, has since ...

News Liechtenstein » Religion: Looking at terror attacks ‘per capita’ should make us rethink beliefs about levels of risk and Muslims

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 June 2017

For example, from a policy perspective, it makes sense that ten murders in a populous country like China (which has 1,371,000,000 citizens) would be much less significant than ten murders in a tiny country like Liechtenstein, with its 37,000 citizens.

News Liechtenstein » Religion: My House, My Rules: 3 Women Speakers “Rejected” From Women’s Day Event at Vatican (on Full Inclusion of Women in the Church)

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Publication date: uesday 06 February 2018

The proof is painful, but clear. For the past four years on March 8 th, Voices of Faith (VoF), a project of the Liechtenstein-based Fidel Götz Foundation, has held a symposium on women inside the Vatican. Chantal Götz is the project’s director.

News Liechtenstein » Religion: Pope fell short in cleaning up finances

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Publication date: onday 11 February 2013

But a 2012 report by European anti-money laundering group Moneyval found the Vatican still failing to measure up in seven of 16 key areas. Also in 2012, Gotti Tedeschi was removed as head of the Vatican bank, or Institute for Works of Religion as it is ...